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"We know how uncomfortable it can be to live with nail fungus. That is why we have formulated this maximum strength treatment. We have a 60 day guarantee because we are committed to eliminated fungus for good! All orders are shipped in plain packaging and processed using a secure server. So, you can feel confident that your order is private and secure."

Fungavir™: Fast & Effective Nail Fungus Treatment

Clear Fungus - Nail Fungus TreatmentFungavir is a maximum strength double action nail fungus treatment. Fungavir's dual action formula attacks the core of the problem underneath the nail, killing the fungus while working to heal the affected area. Fungavir is fast and effective, utilizing only the safest and most powerful anti-fungal ingredients with no known side effects. Most nail fungus treatments fail to eliminate all of the fungus and heal the area, allowing fungus to grow back. In addition they dilute their products by adding fillers like water and glycerin, which makes the product less effective and costly over time.

Fungavir has no additional ingredients to weaken the product. The strong anti-fungal ingredients in Fungavir reduce nail fungus within a month, while working to fully eliminate fungus within a few months. It has been specifically formulated to work on the most stubborn cases of nail fungus, and begins to eliminate nail fungus at a remarkable speed. You can feel confident that Fungavir's nail fungus treatment will quickly clear up any nail fungus while promoting strong nail regeneration.

A Nail Fungus Treatment That Really Works:

  • Dual Action: Heals the Surrounding Areas while Eliminating Fungus
  • Effective Nail Fungus Killer & Restrictor
  • Promotes New Nail and Skin Regeneration
  • No Additives or Fillers (like water or glycerin)
  • Proprietary Blend of 100% All Natural Anti-Fungal Ingredients
  • Works on All Types of Nail Fungus
  • 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Works well on both finger nails and toenails

Fungavir Compared to Other Nail Fungus Treatments

Fungavir - Nail Fungus TreatmentFungavir sets itself apart from other nail fungus treatments. Due to the fact that nail fungus is usually under the surface of the nail, most other topical nail fungus treatments do not work. Fungavir is designed to attack nail fungus from its root, and to absorb under and around the nail. At the same time its powerful ingredients strengthen the surrounding tissue so that your body can repair the affected areas. Any discoloration brought about by nail fungus is removed by Fungavir's powerful ingredients.

When comparing products, be sure to check the ingredients. Other products dilute their product by adding water, glycerin, fillers, and other additives. This means that it will take more time for the nail fungus treatment to work. So, their products are cheaper and the customer has to buy more. This may be good for business, but bad for the consumer. Fungavir has no additives or fillers. Not only does its nail fungus treatment use the strongest anti-fungal ingredients, but the price is kept down to an affordable level. Fungavir is currently running a limited time package deal where you can actually buy 4 bottles at $24.95 a bottle. 

Fungavir - Nail Fungus TreatmentFor a limited time, Fungavir is offering its Nail Protein and Cuticle Cream Free on select programs. Nail Strengthening Cuticle Cream (2oz) - To help strengthen and maintain healthy cuticles, especially on nails with no signs of fungus. (Designed to prevent cuticle damage and create an environment where healthy nails can grow.) Advanced Formula Nail Protein - strengthens and rejuvenates nails. It promotes nail growth and strengthens toenails & fingernails. It can be used to prevent nail fungus from speading to healthy nails.

What Fungavir's Customers Are Saying:

Comment by: Sam M.
November 4th

All I can say is, thank you! I tried everything and nothing came close to Fungavir. This stuff really got rid of my disgusting fungus. Its hard to believe now that I even had it. You guys are great!

Comment by: Chris P.
October 25th

It works! I can't believe it! It works. I wish I knew it was this easy to get rid of toenail fungus before. I have an extra bottle for if and when my fungus comes back. I'm a loyal (happy) customer now!

Comment by: Kim V.
October 8th

You really need to advertise more. I searched the web and after digging and digging, found Fungavir. You're the third product I tried and I don't need to try anything else. Fungavir cleared my nail fungus right up.

Comment by: Joseph A.
September 25th

I am a swimmer, so I am in and out of the shower room all the time. Do you know how embarrassing it can be to walk around with black toenails?  I probably got this from other guys in the locker room. Anyway, when I used Fungavir it was the first time I ever saw any improvement. My doctor once gave me drugs. They made me so sick, I had to stop. I started using Fungavir on my nails about 6 weeks ago, and you can see the improvement already. Soon, it should be gone completely.

Comment by: Marilyn S.
September 12th

I first started to see problems after I switched to a new manicurist. I liked my old one, but she was too expensive. Soon after, I started to notice that my nails were getting brittle and breaking. Then they started to turn yellow. I went to the dermatologist, and was told that I had contracted a nail fungus. It was awful. I have never had anything like this before. I don’t know what I would have done if I had not found Fungavir. You saved my life.

Comment by: Jeremy T. 
August 28th

I had these yellow nails where bits and pieces kept coming off, on all of my toes. Very ugly. I am only 28, and my feet looked like I was 80 years old. The smell was pretty bad too, and sometimes they hurt like H---! I was searching on the net and found that there was this recommended stuff. I am all for natural ingredients and decided to try. I am glad I did. It's so much better than it was before. I think when the new nail completely grows in, I will be able to go barefoot again. The pain is already gone, and the nails do not smell anymore. They are still discolored on top, but everyday it gets better.

Comment by: Kathy K. 
August 22nd

I just wanted to write to you to tell you that your product works! Fungavir got rid of my nail fungus and it was bad. I'm happy to have found your product online. Keep up the good work. It's worth every dime I paid and was worth the time and money I saved not going to the doctor.

Comment by: Mani P. 
July 17th

My son got me your product after he searched the net. I owe you and my son a thank you. I took all kinds of meds and went to the doctor numerous times with no results. The meds just made me sick. Fungavir was the only thing that worked for me!

Comment by: Mark A.
June 24th

A friend had tried Fungavir and told how great it was. I only had a little problem, but he said that fungus could spread if I don’t get rid of it. Since only my big toe nail was discolored, I did not want to get it on other toes. Oh, and he said it would not go away on its own. So, I bought it and problem solved. It cleared up the fungus I had, and nothing showed up on any other toes. Great stuff!

Comment by: Mellisa S.
June 1st

Wow, this product really works. I never thought I would find something that worked so well and got rid of my fungus. Thank you, Fungavir for this great help. I will recommend you to any friend who has this problem. It really worked!!

Comment by: Patel L.
May 10th

Thank you for getting rid of my fungus! I have one bottle left over and I'm glad I do. Any signs of fungus and I'll zap it with Fungavir. Great product!
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